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PROMPT PLEA - I thought I heard a band
FIRST POST ON MY BRAND NEW COMPUTER! SHE IS SHINY AND BLUE AND HAS DRAGON DESIGNS AND HER NAME IS RIVKA. (I have already been laughed at three times for having a Jewish computer, and I don't care.)

I am still in the process of setting her up, but to everyone on my friendslist, I have a plea. I am going to visit my mother's (conservative, Republican) parents this week, and will be internetless for that time. Please give me prompts? I am guaranteeing nothing, because I don't actually know how busy I'll be there (apparently, I get to be designated driver, since my grandfather can't drive anymore, and I do have to actually spend time with them, thus my going there), but if you give me a prompt, I will try to write you a drabble/ficlet.

You know my fandoms - primarily McFly and HP, but I seem to have fallen into bandom, and I can probably be convinced to write Narnia, Ros&Guil, Good Omens, History Boys, or whatever else your twisted minds come up with. For those of you interested, I will also offer up my classical obsessions, so you can prompt me with mythological characters (e.g. Jason and Orpheus) or, you know, Alexander and Hephaistion, or whomever. Or whatever else you want to prompt me with, so long as I know who the characters are - I will not have internet to attempt research.

So, go over to my fic journal here and:

1. Give me a pairing (or just a fandom, if you want gen), and an actual prompt. The prompt itself can be a word, a phrase, or whatever, but it has to be an actual prompt, do not just give me a pairing. The more you give me, the more likely I am to write what you want.

2. I leave on Tuesday, and have to be at the airport early afternoon. I will try to check comments as late as possible, since this is sort of last minute, and the more prompts I have to focus on, the less likely I am to go insane, but please try to get any prompts in before noon EST on Tuesday, September 1.

Seriously, people, I will need something to do with my spare time while I'm there, and reading/writing fic seems to be the thing that keeps me sane in that house.

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kerenatlas From: kerenatlas Date: November 22nd, 2010 04:29 pm (UTC) (Link)


go jews! XD
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